Another first for this girl ...

my first inspirational post on the DHD blog. I had so much fun writing it but I admit that I was side-tracked for over 2 hours reading my "Year in Review" pages that I finally did an eeny, meeny, miny, moe and landed on 1996. Good times back then. Good times.


Ah Yeah! Blog Hop Yeah!

Hi! Welcome to my blog. You've just come from Mary Moseley's blog. I'm sure she didn't disappoint ... I truly enjoy reading her blog. 
I also enjoy Spring. I enjoy the newness, the warmth, and the Rejuvenating feeling I get when I see the sun shining. I love to spring clean ... nothing Rejuvenates me like the scent of cleanliness and a sparkling stove top. 
Having said all that, it's the word Rejuvenate that inspired my blog post today. I was looking at the amazing Sweet As Spring mega kit and wondering what photos I could use to make a few layouts when it hit me. But first, a quick back story. 
In my Senior year of high school, I made my first scrapbook. I used standard white copy paper along with two other solid papers; a cornflower blue color and a peach color. I typed out my journaling on an actual typewriter, and put the whole thing together with a bottle of good ole' rubber cement. 
To this day, I'll look at this book and both laugh and cry. The pages are so plain, but to change them has always felt a little improper, like ... "How could I even think of changing this book? I made it in 1989."
My thoughts changed, however, when I paired the Sweet As Spring collection to the bland pages of my book. I Rejuvenated a few of those pages in honor of this blog hop and of the Rejuvenating qualities of Spring.

Rejuvenation #1: "Summer, 1980"

One the left is the original, on the right is the new and Rejuvenated layout. I didn't move the photos but instead worked to enhance them. I also wanted to keep my mom's handwriting on the label, but as you can see in the original, the label is damaged and fading. Restoring the label was quite tricky. I'll be giving a technical tutorial on March 27th on the DHD Blog to explain how I preserved her handwriting while making it more legible. I'm also going to show how I replicated the typed journaling on the next layout, and also how to restore/Rejuvenate faded, yellowed newspaper articles.

Rejuvenation #2: "Oklahoma!"

I didn't move the photos but I did desaturate the colored photo (bottom right) and warmed it with an 81% photo filter to give this layout some consistency. I added just a bit of journaling, too. 

Rejuvenation #3: "Drill Team"

Again, I didn't move the photos, but I restored the typed journaling in the top left hand corner and tried my very best to work around the bright yellow flower card in the bottom right hand corner of this layout.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Rejuvenating these three layouts. I'm going to work on Rejuvenating the entire book now. I encourage you that if you're ever stuck in a rut and need something Rejuvenating to do, grab one of those old scrapbooks off the shelf and Rejuvenate a page or two.
And now, it's time to move onto the next blog. Don't forget to grab your clue here and at the other blogs you visit. You'll need them to get your free mega kit, “Sweet as Spring – a blog hop treasure!
Also, if you download the kit before Wednesday, March 27, you'll be entered into a drawing for a $15 gift certificate to the Design House Digital shop! That's some Rejuvenating fun right there.
And there's a challenge, too! Using just the Sweet as Spring collaboration kit (and your own photos, of course), to create your own project and put it into our Sweet  as Spring Challenge Gallery. Post your project before April 17, and you'll be entered into another drawing for a $15 gift certificate to the Design House Digital shop! 

My letter  for the coupon code is: R

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Thank you so much for stopping by and spending this fun, Rejuvenating time with me! 
Enjoy the rest of the hop, Kristin



TOMORROW! What's tomorrow you ask?
Tomorrow is this: A BLOG HOP AND PRIZE. A mega prize. MEGA as in huge and really beautiful.
And ... I'll be posting some older layouts ... from high school ... from the 80s. Aside from the other awesome blog posts by my fellow DHD designers, the coupon for the beautiful MEGA kit, and the fun that will be had over the course of the blog hop, seeing my big 80's hair will be worth participating tomorrow, I promise.


Yep, I made this.

From pages from my books. And lots of hot glue. And lots of love. The end.