My design style ...

I've been asked by a friend to describe my style.
Hmmm, I kind of don't know how to describe my style but here goes my best attempt at it:

- I like fonts and typography. I love love love to play with letters/words. I guess you could say I'm a wee bit trendy in that way.
- I'm addicted to patterns. I love a good patterned paper ... so many things you can do with it.
- I prefer a "clean" look to grunge, distressed, inked, etc. When I designed manufactured scrapbook products, my biggest competitor was Basic Gray, and then, they were all about highly distressing everything. I never understood their design concepts, but I sure loved some of their products.
- I love balance. I like things to be even and complete, unless a visual resting place is needed.
- I'm all about 8.5"X11". Still. This is another reason why a grunged or highly distressed edge around a 12"X12" paper will probably never come out of my studio.
- My color palettes tend to be on the bright and bold side of the spectrum but I'm learning how to use natural and neutral color schemes, too.
- I'm falling in love with three-dimensional stuff. I'm taking an online class to perfect this technique.
- I prefer simple to overwhelming ... except in certain patterns. Houndstooth is a "busier" pattern in my opinion, but I love it! And Argyle, too.
- I adore geometric shapes. I really do. I love squares and dots. See my $1 example of this below.

So, there you have it ... a little blurb about my style. What's yours?


$1 Kits everyday in February at DHD ...

These $1 kits are amazing! Isn't February a great month to really get going on our digital scrapbooks?

Here's one of my $1 kits:


I wish ...

I wish I had more time. I wish I didn't need sleep. I wish I could stare at my computer monitor for hours and hours without my eyes stinging. Why? Because I'm seriously in love with this website!


Inspiration is usually a sporadic,  moment of luck for me ... except for when I'm at DHD. It's chock-full of inspiration, patterns, and happiness. I truly adore it!


February 12th!

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My new gig ...

and I couldn't be more excited. Or busier. Or more in need of a new right wrist. Who cares, right? I get to work with DESIGN HOUSE DIGITAL. Can you tell I'm excited?

Check out this amazing one-stop shop for everything you'd ever want or need for your digital scrapbooking projects. The forums are amazing, the gallery is amazing, the contests, tutorials ... all of it just makes me giddy.

Go here: DHD